Events in 2018

It looks as thought 2018 will be as busy a year as the past ones. Here are a couple of phlox-events this year:

  • On February 10-11, there will be a second instalment of the Hamburg-Meets-Glasgow Workshop, this time in Glasgow. For further information, consider the workshop’s website.
  • Kit Fine, Mike Raven, Robert Schwartzkopff, and Benjamin Schnieder will organize a conference on Metaphysical Grounding to take place at Hamburg University on 25-27 May. We will soon post more information about this event on this page.
  • Finally, also this year there will be a Hamburg Summer School. We are happy to announce that Gideon Rosen will lecture this year. The topic will be moral responsibility. The Summer School will take place on 23-27 July. We will soon post more information about this event on this page.

Fall events

We are happy to announce that members of phlox are organizing two events taking place this fall.

  1. The second Fudan Meets Hamburg Workshop, taking place at the University of Hamburg on October 27th and 28th (for more information see here).
  2. The fourth Philosophy Meets Literary Studies Workshop, taking place at the University of Göttingen on November 17th and 18th  (for more information, see here).

Glasgow-Hamburg Workshop

On Monday and Tuesday of next week (August 28th and 29th) there will be a workshop bringing together philosophers from the Glasgow and Hamburg departments. The workshop is organized by former Phlox-member and recent Glaswegian Stephan Krämer as well as Jonas Werner.

The event will take place in Room ESA W-119. Attendance is free, but please let the organizers know if you plan to come. A timetable and further information can be found on the workshop’s website.

Summer School with Jessica Wilson

We are very happy to announce that there will be a sixth installment of the Hamburg Summer School in Philosophy. This year’s course will be taught by Prof. Jessica Wilson from Toronto and focus on the topic of metaphysical dependence. The event will take place from 17.-21. of July, 2017. As usual, we welcome external attendants.

For more information, please consult:

Small Workshop

Phlox is hosting a small workshop this Saturday (18th of February) at Hamburg University. The workshop will take place in room 1072 of the PhilTurm (von-Melle-Park 6, 20146 Hamburg). If you want to attend, we’d be glad if could let us know at

The schedule is as follows:

13:00-14:30    Ezequiel Zerbudis (Buenos Aires) — The Interpretation of Indexicals and the Nature of Utterances
14:30-16:00    Gonzalo Rodriguez-Perreyra  (Oxford) —  The Razor and the Laser
16:30-18:00    Giovanni Merlo (Hamburg) —  Leibniz and the Problem of Temporary Truths