Another Conference Announcement (and call for registrations)

We’re very happy to announce that Phloxshop II: Modality is now open for registrations. The workshop will be held from the 9th to the 11th at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Speakers include Dorothy Edgington, Keith Hossack (both BBK), and

  • Thomas Kroedel (Konstanz) – Counterfactuals and Modal Knowledge
    Commentator: David Etlin (Leuven)
  • Murali Ramachandran (Sussex) – A Puzzle About Conditionals
    Commentator: Christian Nimtz (Erlangen)
  • Louis deRosset (Vermont) – Overcoming Inconstancy
    Commentator: Sonia Roca Royes (Stirling)
  • Jeff Russell (NYU) – Actuality for Counterpart Theorists
    Commentator: Dylan Dodd (Aberdeen)
  • Moritz Schulz (Phlox) – Counterfactuals and Epistemic Modals
    Commentator: Lee Walters (UCL)
  • Barbara Vetter (Oxford) – Abilities and the Semantics of ‘Can’
    Commentator: Jessica Leech (Geneva)
  • Richard Woodward (Leeds) – Fictionalism and Conditionals
    Commentator: Jonathan Ichikawa (St. Andrews)

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