Mules for nonbelievers

Probably you know the situation: you tell some of your students or friends about some of the things philosophers think about. You want to make it vivid and you mention some of the famous counterexamples to famous theories – but all you earn is a frown or laughter. Just because the examples may, admittedly, seem a little, tiny little bit far-fetched.

But there’s a remedy now; just provide the next ignoramus with the following link:

Cleverly disguised …

So, who’s got the weird fantasy now?



  1. There’s been a similar thing in Tijuana — a Mexican town right on the border with California — for years (it briefly comes across the screen toward the beginning of the movie Babel, right as some of the characters are traveling into Mexico from California). I’ve always figured this was the source of Dretske’s example.

    A problem is that cleverly disguised mules/donkeys really don’t look anything like zebras, as the video you linked to makes plain. In fact it’s pretty easy to know that the zebra in your local zoo isn’t one.

  2. Mexico? I see; thanks for the info. So many disguised donkeys …

    And yes, it is presumably true that the donkeys could have been more cleverly disguised than they are. But still, if you’re a layman, who knows …?

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