Ch … ch … ch … ch …

We sadly have to announce that Miguel and Moritz are no longer members of phlox. They left for good reasons: Miguel took up a position as the assistant of Thomas Spitzley, and Moritz took up a postdoc position in the PERSP project in Barcelona. Congratulations! But phlox won’t be the same without them (not only because their departure equals a shrinkage of 40%).

There are more changes to come. Today, I accepted a professorship in Hamburg and I will move there in April. Phlox won’t thereby cease to exist, but it will change its location and follow me to Hamburg.

Last but not least, I will hopefully soon be able to publish some job ads for doctoral and postdoctoral positions. Firstly, there will be a regular postdoc-position from the department for philosophy. Secondly, there will be a postdoc-position and two doctoral positions in a new research project on nominalisations which I will direct together with Friederike Moltmann (Paris). It will discuss both linguistic and philosophical aspects of nominalisations; on the philosophical side, several issues in ontology, meta-ontology, and the philosophy of language and logic will be covered. So, if you are interested, or if you know someone who might be interested, stay tuned.



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