Jobs – Updated

I propose to appoint three research associates in the project Nominalisations. The posts are fixed-term, non-renewable posts for a period of three years. They differ with respect to designation and salary:

1. Postdoc position (salary TV-L 13, full-time)
2. Doctoral position (salary TV-L 13, half-time)
3. Unspecified researcher position (salary TV-L 13, half-time)

Important. Due to problems with the administration of the university, I had to set a new deadline. The deadline for applications now is the 2nd of May 2011.

The appointed candidates should start as soon as possible, the preferable starting date is the 1st of June. For more information on the posts, see the respective further particulars which will be published soon. Please note that some details (in particular, the dates) may be in need of minor changes due to administrative needs.

The research project deals with different questions form the philosophy of language, ontology, and meta-ontology, which are relted to the use of nominalized expressions in natural language. It is a collaboration between linguists and philosophers from Germany and France, directed by Friederike Moltmann and me. An outline of the project can be downloaded below.

Downloadable files (note that these are updated versions from the 21st of April, containing the new deadline and some minor corrections, marked in yellow):

1. Postdoc position – further particulars
2. Doctoral position – further particulars
Researcher position – further particulars
4. Nominalizations – Project Description.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (click here).

Finally note that another postdoc position (for three years, possible renewal for another three years) will be announced soon. It is a temporary lecturership at the university of Hamburg.



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