A Little Landslide

At the GAP.8 conference (taking place this September in Konstanz), the German Association for Analytic Philosophy will award two prestiguous prizes: ontos-Preis for metaphysics, as well as the Wolfgang-Stegmüller-Preis, which will be awarded to three people.
Confirmed rumour has it that the winner of the ontos prize is a member of phlox:

And among the winners of the Stegmüller-Preis are two former members of phlox (who completed their theses while being members of the group):

  • Moritz Schulz for his dissertation Counterfactuls and Probability

And the final winner of the Stegmüller-Preis was hired by phlox in summer 2011 — he is a member of our new Nominalizations project:

  • Stephan Krämer for his dissertation Second-order Quantification and Ontological Commitment

I am extremely happy about these news, and I am very proud of Alex, Miguel, Moritz, and Stephan.



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