Volume on Grounding

We are proud to announce that CUP has recently published the volume

Metaphysical Grounding – Understanding the Structure of Reality,

edited by Fabrice Correia and Benjamin Schnieder.

The volume had a somewhat troublesome and longish history, but now it finally has appeared in print – and we are very happy with the result. Here’s the table of contents:

Ch. Author Title
0. F. Correia & B. Schnieder Grounding: an opinionated introduction
1. Kit Fine Guide to ground
2. Chris Daly Scepticism about grounding
3. Paul Audi A clarification and defense of the notion of grounding
4. Jonathan Schaffer Grounding, transitivity, and contrastivity
5. Michael Della Rocca Violations of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (in Leibniz and Spinoza)
6. J. Robert G. Williams Requirements on reality
7. Kathrin Koslicki Varieties of ontological dependence
8. J. E. Lowe Asymmetrical dependence in individuation
9. Jody Azzouni Simple metaphysics and “ontological dependence”
10. David Liggins Truth-makers and dependence
11. Stephen Barker Expressivism about making and truth-making

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