Volume on Dependence

We are proud to announce a volume on varieties of dependence , published with Philosophia Verlag (Munich) and edited by Miguel Hoeltje, Benjamin Schnieder and Alex Steinberg:

Varieties of Dependence.
Ontological Dependence, Grounding, Supervenience, Response-Dependence

We’re very happy that we could assemble a great line up! Contributions are split into surveys and research papers:

Part I: Survey Papers
Kathrin Koslicki Ontological Dependence: An Opinionated Survey
Phil Corkum Substance and Independence in Aristotle
Kelly Trogdon An Introduction to Grounding
Alex Steinberg Supervenience: A Survey
Jussi Haukioja Different Notions of Response-Dependence
Part II: Research Papers
E.J. Lowe Some Varieties of Metaphysical Dependence
C.S.I. Jenkins Explanation and Fundamentality
Louis deRosset No Free Lunch
Fabrice Correia Metaphysical Grounds and Essence
Stefano Caputo The Dependence of Truth on Being: Is There a Problem for Minimalism?
Stephan Leuenberger Supervenience Among Classes of Relations
Ralf M. Bader Multiple-Domain Supervenience for Non-Classical Mereologies
Eline Busck Gundersen Response-Dependence and Conditional Fallacy Problems
Dan López de Sa Rigid vs. Flexible Repsonse-Dependent Properties

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