WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: Hamburg, 3rd + 4th August 2015

Professor Kit Fine will use his Anneliese Maier Research Price of the German Humboldt Foundation to finance a series of workshops on truthmaker semantics and related topics. The workshops will be organized by the Phlox research group under the auspices of Professor Benjamin Schnieder. The first instalment of the series will take place at the university of Hamburg on August 3rd and 4th 2015. The talks of the workshop are loosely centred around the themes of Professor Stephen Yablo’s latest book ‘Aboutness’.

Katharina Felka (Hamburg)
Kit Fine (NYU)
Ken Gemes (Birkbeck)
Mark Jago (Birmingham)
Daniel Rothschild (UCL)
Stephen Yablo (MIT)
Attendance will be free but participants are asked to register with the organizers (please write an email to:
We aim to offer up to 5 stipends of 400 EUR for graduate students who want to attend the workshop. Details will be circulated in the middle of February.


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