Update on Spring/Summer Events

  • As you may have seen, the webpage for the Hamburg Summer School in Philosophy with Gideon Rosen has been updated. Check out http://hamburgersommerkurs.wordpress.com if you plan to attend.
  • There are also news on the Workshop on metaphysical grounding to take place on May 25.-27. 2018 in Hamburg. The workshop is funded by Prof Fine’s Annalieser Maier Award from the Humboldt Foundation and a Connections Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada awarded to Prof Raven.

    The workshop will assemble contributors to “The Routledge Handbook of Metaphysical Grounding”, edited by Prof Raven, with the aim of fostering discussion of the various topics in the volume and the connections between them.

    The workshop is structured in five sessions: (i) History (contributors: Margaret Cameron, Phil Corkum, Stefan Roski), (ii) Explanation and Determination (contributors: Louis deRosset, Martin Glazier, Kathrin Koslicki, Kevin Richardson, Benjamin Schnieder, Alex Skiles), (iii) Logic and Structure (contributors: Scott Dixon, Stephan Krämer),  (iv) Applications (Fatema Amijee, Carolyn Brighouse, Kit Fine, Michaela McSweeney, Asya Passinsky, Erica Shumener, Tobias Wilsch), and  (v) Connections (contributors: Ricki Bliss, Tom Donaldson, David Kovacs, Stephan Leuenberger, Noel Saenz,  Olla Solomyak,  Tuomas Tahko, Jeniffer Wang).

    Space at the workshop is limited, but we hereby invite applications to fill up to eight slots of non-contributing participants.

    A number of bursaries, each in the amount of 400 Euro, will be available for junior academics (graduate and PhD students as well as early postdocs) to help finance their visit of the workshop. Since Prof Fine’s Anneliese Maier Research Prize is intended to be be used to further Prof Fine’s connection to German academia, applicants associated with a German university stand at an advantage.

    In order to apply, please send a CV as well as cover page (including your (i) name, (i) affiliation, (iii) contact information, (iv) a brief statement of no more than 250 words, briefly explaining how your research would benefit from attending the workshop, and (v) an indication of whether you would like to be considered for a bursaries) to robert.schwartzkopff@uni-hamburg.de. The application deadline is March 31st 2018. We aim to arrive at decisions no later than April 30th 2018.


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