Author: Lukas

Hamburg Summer School 2020

The Phlox Research Group and the Emmy Noether Group Relevance are delighted to announce that the 9th Hamburg Summer School  (20.6.2020 – 24.6.2020) will be taught by Francesco Berto (St. Andrews/Amsterdam). This year’s topic will be:

The Hyperintensional Revolution: Topics and Non-Normal Worlds.

Possible worlds semantics (PWS) has been a 20th Century philosophical success story: it has been used to analyse fundamental notions such as knowledge, belief, information, content, conditionality, and more. The early 21st Century is witnessing, in Daniel Nolan’s words, a ‘hyperintensional revolution’, as the open problems of PWS are increasingly understood as revolving around one issue: most of those fundamental notions are hyperintensional – they require distinctions more fine-grained than what PWS can easily model.

This Summer School introduces two approaches to hyperintensionality: (1) non-normal or impossible worlds semantics and (2) topic theory. Applications of both in formal semantics, epistemic logic, suppositional thinking, indicative and counterfactual conditionals, are presented. And some open problems for both views are discussed.

The course will take place from Monday, July 20 to Friday, July 24, 2020 at the University of Hamburg. For more information, please visit

Call for attendance
We very much welcome external participants to the Summer School, though only a limited number of spaces are available. If you would like to participate, please send a registration email, attaching (i) a brief CV, and (ii) a short letter indicating how the course would benefit your work, to sommerkurs (at) gmx (dot) de.

Registration is open until April 30th; we will notify applicants by the 10th of May. (Please note: Should we receive an extremely high number of applications, we may close applications at an earlier date.).

The registration fee will be 25€ to cover refreshments and snacks throughout the course. The fee will be payable at the beginning of the event.