Phlox in Hamburg

Phlox is affiliated with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Hamburg. Here we are building up a center for analytic philosophy with a thriving atmosphere.

a. Current Research Projects
b. Hamburg Summer Course
c. Past Projects

a. Current Research Projects

There are five ongoing research projects in which members of Phlox are active:

  1. Grounding: Metaphysics, Science, and Logic

    Sinergia-Project funded by the SNF, with subprojects in Geneva (PI: Marcel Weber), Neuchâtel (PI: Fabrice Correia), and Hamburg (PI: Benjamin Schnieder)

  2. Ontology After Quine

    Richard Woodward’s Emmy Noether-Research Group (funded by the DFG) on Neoquinean Metaphilosophy

  3. On the Logic and Metaphysics of Ground

    Individual project of Stephan Krämer, funded by the DFG.

  4. Understanding Fiction

    Small project without central funding, but two PhD students with individual grants: Christian Folde (Heinrich Böll-Stiftung) who writes a thesis about truth and logic in fiction, and Maria Kuper (SdW) who works on a thesis about fictional proper names

  5. Leibniz and Crusius on Free Will, Rationality, and the PSR

    Individual project of Sonja Schierbaum, funded by the DFG.

b. Hamburg Summer Course

Apart from the many activities of those projects, Phlox also organizes the annual Hamburg Summer Course with an internationally renowned speaker:

  • 2016: Jonathan Schaffer
  • 2015: Steve Yablo
  • 2014: Amie Thomasson
  • 2013: Kit Fine
  • 2012: Timothy Willianson

c. Past Projects

Phlox ran and completed the following research projects:

  1. Explanations in Philosophy and the Philosophy of Explanation.
    • Format: Emmy Noether group, DFG
    • PI: Benjamin Schnieder
    • Duration: 2008-2015
    • Location: Berlin, Hamburg
  2. Nominalizations: Issues from Linguistics and Philosophy
    • Format: ANR-DFG project
    • PIs: Friederike Moltmann, Benjamin Schnieder
    • Duration: 2011-2015
    • Location: Hamburg, Paris