Papers ordered by date

Note: This list of publications was last updated in mid 2015 and represents the publications of phlox at that time. As our group has seen (and will see) many people come and go, maintaining a joint publication-list no longer seems sensible to us. So, while  we will update this list occasionally, please consider the individual pages of the members of phlox for updates on recent publications.

a. Ordered by publication date

b. Ordered by author

Year Paper


Grounding Interpretation (Folde, C.)
British Journal of Aesthetics (forthcoming)
Everything and then some (Krämer, S.)
Mind (forthcoming)
Simplicity and Economy in Bolzano’s Theory of Grounding (Roski, S.; Rumberg, A.)
Journal of the History of Philosophy (forthcoming)
Gründe aller Arten. Der Anspruch auf Vereinheitlichung in Bolzanos Abfolgetheorie (Roski, S.; Schnieder, B.)
Deutsches Jahrbuch Philosophie (forthcoming)
Das Meisterargument in Platons Euthyphron (Schnieder, B.)
History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis (forthcoming)
Metaphysical Interdependence (Thompson, N.)
Jago, M. (ed) Reality Making forthcoming with OUP
How (Not) to Be a Modalist About Essence (Wildman, N.)
Jago, M. (ed) Reality Making forthcoming with OUP (penultimate)


On the Presuppositions of Number Sentences (Felka, K.)
Synthese 192, 1393-1412
A Note on the Logic of Worldly Ground (Krämer, S.; Roski, S.)
Thought 4, 59-68
The Asymmetry of ‘Because’ (Schnieder, B.)
Lapointe S. (ed.) Themes from Ontology, Mind and Logic (= Grazer Philosophische Studien 91), forthcoming
Without Reason? (Schnieder, B.; Steinberg, A.)
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (early view) (penultimate, abstract)
Singular Terms Revisited (Schwartzkopff, R.)
Synthese (online first) (penultimate)


Number Words and Reference to Numbers (Felka, K.)
Philosophical Studies 168, 261-82
On What There Is For Things To Be (Krämer, S.)
Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann
Implicit Commitment in Theory Choice (Krämer, S.)
Synthese 191, 2147-2165
Semantic Values in Higher-Order Semantics (Krämer, S.)
Philosophical Studies 168, 709-24
Bolzano on Necessary Existence (Roski, S.; Rusnock, P.)
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 96, 320-359
Bolzano on Grounding and Causation (Schnieder, B.)
Journal for the History of Philosophy 52, 309-337
Defining Global Supervenience (Steinberg, A.)
Erkenntnis 79, 367–380 (abstract)
Priority Monism and Part/Whole Dependence (Steinberg, A.)
Philosophical Studies (online first) (penultimate, abstract)
Ontological Dependence (Thompson, N.)
Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy
Load Bare-ing Particulars (Wildman, N.)
Philosophical Studies 172, 1419-1434


Varieties of Dependence. Ontological Dependence, Grounding, Supervenience, Response-Dependence (Eds.: Hoeltje, M.; Schnieder, B.; Steinberg, A.)
Munich: Philosophia.
Explanation by Induction? (Hoeltje, M.; Schnieder, B.; Steinberg, A.)
Synthese 190, 509–524 (penultimate, abstract)
A Simpler Puzzle of Ground (Krämer, S.)
Thought 2, 85-89
Pleonastic Possible Worlds (Steinberg, A.)
Philosophical Studies 164, 767–789 (penultimate, abstract)
Supervenience: A Survey (Steinberg, A.)
In M. Hoeltje et al. (ed.): Varieties of Dependence Munich: Philosophia.
Modality, Sparsity, and Essence (Wildman, N.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 63, 760–782


Recent Work on Grounding (Clark, M.; Liggins, D.)
Analysis 72(4), 812-823
Grounding – An Opinionated Introduction (Correia, F.; Schnieder, B.)
In: F. Correia & B. Schnieder (eds.): Metaphysical Grounding, Cambridge: CUP, 1-36
Metaphysical Grounding. Understanding the Structure of Reality (Eds.: Correia, F.; Schnieder, B.)
Cambridge : CUP
A Note on Comparative Probability (Haverkamp, N.; Schulz, M.)
Erkenntnis 76, 395–402
Das Theodizee-Problem (Schwartzkopff, R.)
Puster, R. (ed.) Klassische Argumentationen der Philosophie. Paderborn: Mentis, 221-39


Cardinal Characteristics on Graphs (Haverkamp, N.)
Journal of Symbolic Logic 76, 1–33
Countable Splitting Graphs (Haverkamp, N.)
Fundamenta Mathematicae 212, 217–33
Nothing But Objects (Haverkamp, N.)
Grazer Philosophische Studien 82, 209–37
Bolzano on the Intransparency of Content (Krämer, S.)
Schnieder, B., and Schulz, M. (eds.) Themes from Early Analytic Philosophy (= Grazer Philosophische Studien 82), 189-208
A Logic for ‘Because’ (Schnieder, B.)
Review of Symbolic Logic 4, 445–65 (penultimate)
Counting the Colours (Schnieder, B.)
In A. Reboul (ed.): Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan (online publication)
Chance and Actuality (Schulz, M.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 61, 105–29 (penultimate)
Hume’s Principle Revisited: Numbers as Dependent Objects (Schwartzkopff, R.)
Themes from Early Analytic Philosophy (= Grazer Philosophische Studien82), 353-73


Inclusionism and the Problem of Unmarried Husbands (Clark, M.)
Erkenntnis 73(1), 123-131
How not to defend ontological cheats (Krämer, S.)
Analysis 70, 290-6
A Puzzle About ‘Because’ (Schnieder, B.)
Logique et Analyse 53, 317–43 (penultimate)
Bad Examples? (Schnieder, B.)
American Philosophical Quarterly 47, 279–86
Expressivism Concerning Epistemic Modals (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Quarterly 60, 601–15 (abstract)
Inexpressible Properties and Grelling’s Antinomy (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 148, 169-85 Important Erratum (abstract)
Propositions United (Schnieder, B.)
Dialectica 64, 289–301
What Might Be and What Might Have Been (Schnieder, B.; Schulz, M.; Steinberg, A.)
In: S.-J. Conrad & S. Imhof (eds): P. F. Strawson – Object and Concept, Frankfurt a.M.: ontos, 135–62 (penultimate, abstract)
Epistemic Modals and Informational Consequence (Schulz, M.)
Synthese 174, 385–95 (penultimate, abstract)
The Dynamics of Indexical Belief (Schulz, M.)
Erkenntnis 72, 337–51. (penultimate)
Wondering What Might Be (Schulz, M.)
Philosophical Studies 149, 367–86 (penultimate, abstract)


Bolzanos Erklärung des Zeitbegriffs (Schnieder, B.)
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 91, 42–69 (penultimate, abstract)
In Defence of Fictional Realism (Schnieder, B.; von Solodkoff, T.)
Philosophical Quarterly 59, 138–49 (abstract)
A Note on Two Theorems by Adams and McGee (Schulz, M.)
Review of Symbolic Logic 2, 509–516 (penultimate, abstract)


Bolzanos zwei Substanzbegriffe (Schnieder, B.)
Zeitschrift für philosophische Forschung 62, 97-107 (penultimate, abstract)
Further Remarks on Property Designators and Rigidity (Schnieder, B.)
Grazer Philosophische Studien 76, 199-208 (penultimate)
On What We Can Ensure (Schnieder, B.)
Synthese 162, 101–115 (penultimate, abstract)
Truth-functionality (Schnieder, B.)
Review of Symbolic Logic 1, 64–72 (penultimate)
‘By’ – A Refutation of the Anscombe Thesis (Schnieder, B.)
Linguistics and Philosophy 31, 649–69 (abstract)


Theories of Meaning and Logical Truth: Edwards versus Davidson (Hoeltje, M.)
Mind 116, 121–29. (penultimate, abstract)
Mere Possibilities: A Bolzanian Approach to Non-Existent Objects (Schnieder, B.)
Journal of the History of Philosophy 45, 525–50 (penultimate, abstract)
The Importance of ‘Being Earnest’ (Schnieder, B.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 57, 40-55 (penultimate, abstract)


Attributing Properties (Schnieder, B.)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 315-28 (penultimate, abstract)
By Leibniz’s Law’ – Remarks on a Fallacy (Schnieder, B.)
The Philosophical Quarterly 56, 39-54 (penultimate, abstract)
Canonical Property Designators (Schnieder, B.)
American Philosophical Quarterly 43, 119-32 (penultimate, abstract)
Dependence, Substance, and Explanation (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 129, 393-419 (penultimate, abstract)
Particularised Attributes: An Austrian Tale (Schnieder, B.)
In M. Textor (ed.): The Austrian Contribution to Analytic Philosophy London: Routledge, 130-58 (penultimate, abstract)
Troubles with Truth-making: Necessitation and Projection (Schnieder, B.)
Erkenntnis 64, 61–74. (penultimate, abstract)
Truth-making without Truth-makers (Schnieder, B.)
Synthese 152, 21–47 (penultimate, abstract)


How Not to Define Substance (Schnieder, B.)
Ratio 18, 107–17 (penultimate, abstract)
Mein Leben und ich – eine ontologische Ménage à deux (Schnieder, B.)
Zeitschrift für phil. Forschung 59, 489-511 (penultimate, abstract)
Property Designators, Predicates, and Rigidity (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 122, 227-41 (penultimate, abstract)


A Note on Bearer-Uniqueness and Particularised Properties (Schnieder, B.)
Ratio 17, 218-28 (penultimate, abstract)
Compatibilism and the Notion of Rendering Something False. (Schnieder, B.)
Philosophical Studies 117, 409-428 (penultimate, abstract)
Once More: Bradleyan Regresses (Schnieder, B.)
Hochberg, Mulligan (eds.), On Relations and Predicates. (penultimate, abstract)

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