This is the website of the Phlox research group (in case you are wondering about the name, read this dictionary entry).

Initially, our group was funded by the German Research Council (DFG) under the Emmy Noether Programme and hosted by the Philosophy Department at Humboldt University in Berlin. But Phlox moved to Hamburg in 2011 and expanded its scope (while the original research project has been completed): Phlox has since conducted a variety of  funded projects, e.g on nominalizations (funded by the DFG) and on metaphysical grounding (funded by the SNF). Additionally, Phlox has various individually funded members working on grounding, explanation, metametaphysics and aspects of fiction. For more details on our research projects see the projects page. in 2021, Phlox moved to the most lovely city of Vienna.

You will also find information about our original research project, the people involved and our current activities.

Phlox is always happy to welcome academic visitors. If you are interested in cooperating with Phlox on either of the research projects, or in some other way, do not hesitate to contact us.