Phlox, n.

Inflections: plural phlox, or phloxes
Etymology: Usage 2 derives from Ancient Greek: φλόξ (flame). Usages 1 to 3 seem to have independent origins.

A philosophical research group.

  • The term was originally used as a sort of descriptive name á la Evans: it was a fancy acronym for Philosophy and Logic of eXplanation.
  • Now that the the original research project of the group (on the philosophy of explanation) has been completed and there are new projects, the term turned into a proper name of the group, bereft of genuine descriptive content.


  • A genus of plants, belonging to the family Polemoniacea, comprising about 65 different species. With clusters of pink, red, purple, or white salver-shaped flowers, many cultivated forms of which are found in gardens.
  • “A garden without phlox is not merely a misapprehension, but a sin against the summer.”
    (K. Foerster, Dr. h.c. of Humboldt University)

A doctor. Fut.

  • Extraterrestrial from the planet Denobula in the Denobula Triaxa System.
  • Married to three wifes (simultaneously), each of whom has two additional husbands.